Our research for GAMSTOP

GAMSTOP’s self-exclusion service has been running for almost 3 years. It is important to now think about how the service might be made even better to support people who have registered or want to do so. Sonnet Advisory & Impact CIC has been asked by GAMSTOP to undertake an independent research project to give a view on how helpful and effective its current service is, and to think about whether there are any ways it could be made better. This includes finding out a bit more about the people who have used the service, and how they have used it.

The purpose of our work is twofold:

  1. To build a more detailed (anonymised) profile of people who are using GAMSTOP. This is helpful to us, as we will then have the chance to see who is using the service, but as importantly to see who isn’t using the service, helping GAMSTOP to see how it can target its support to ensure that no-one is missed
  2. To ask whether you would be willing to speak with one of our research team, to give a bit more information (in confidence) about your experience of using GAMSTOP. This is very helpful for us to see whether the service is working well, and its user-friendliness, but also to see areas for improvement.

We are very grateful for your time in reading this message and taking part in the research. It is so important that GAMSTOP is able to work with anyone who needs help as effectively as possible: your help on that journey is very appreciated.

You’ll find below some answers to questions you may have about Sonnet, GAMSTOP and the research project below. You’ll also see contact details for Sonnet and GAMSTOP at the end of the email, should you have any other questions for us.

Who are we?

We are an independent consultancy, Sonnet Advisory & Impact (www.sonnetimpact.co.uk). Amongst other services, we specialise in projects that research and measure impact for purpose-driven organisations including charities, public bodies and social enterprises.

Why are we surveying you?

GAMSTOP has collected the data it needs to for the self-exclusion database effectively. GAMSTOP now wants to understand more detail about people who have registered. This will help us to identify who GAMSTOP is and isn’t reaching and will influence GAMSTOP’s  strategy going forward. Your responses will play a key part in helping GAMSTOP improve its service and reach others who are at risk of gambling related harm.

What happens next?

We will use the data gathered to build an anonymised picture of GAMSTOP’s users. We will then invite a selection of users to partake in (virtual) interviews to gather more information on their experience using GAMSTOP and their experiences before and after joining the register. These interviews will be used as we create another survey that will go into more detail on user journeys and preferences. Each stage of the evaluation is optional. Opting to complete this survey will not require you to partake in the interviews or follow-on survey.

How will your data be used?

Please be assured that your data is confidential and will only be used for the purposes of this evaluation. The survey issued in this email is anonymised and so cannot be linked back to individuals. We will not share your personal data with any third parties (outside of GAMSTOP and Sonnet). At the end of this research, all responses will be stored anonymously and securely by Sonnet and GAMSTOP, and may be used to inform other research projects by GAMSTOP.

You can find out more about how GAMSTOP uses personal data and your rights in our Privacy Policy (www.gamstop.co.uk/privacy-policy). You can also view Sonnet’s Privacy Policy.  If you have any questions about how we use your personal data, please get in touch by email to gamstop@sonnetimpact.co.uk.

If you would like to opt out of all future GAMSTOP research then please visit your GAMSTOP account via www.gamstop.co.uk and amend your consent.