As we head into the winter holiday season, we thought it fitting to publish something fun, lighthearted and festive. In the spirit of Walt Disney Day, a celebration of creativity and imagination, we have decided to embrace the magic. Our team, known for its unique blend of creativity and innovative thinking, finds a special kinship with the imaginative world of Disney characters. Just as these beloved figures captivate us with their stories, courage, and humour, our team members embody a similar spirit of inventiveness and resilience in the work we do. Today, in a fitting tribute to this legacy, we’re excited to reveal a different, more personal aspect of our team by sharing each member’s favourite Disney character and the inspiring reasons behind their selections.

Jake Kemp – Executive

  • Favorite Disney Character: Maui from ‘Moana’
  • Jake shares with a laugh, “My fiancée insists that Maui is my spirit character. I’ve been caught more than once singing his songs in the shower! His larger-than-life personality and heartfelt journey in ‘Moana’ resonate with me.”

Emily Hutchison – Impact Lead

  • Favorite Disney Character: Russell from ‘Up’
  • Emily finds Russell endearing, noting, “Not only is he extremely adorable, but he helps a socially isolated and grieving older man recapture his ‘joie de vivre’.”

Kirsten Hopkins – Senior Consultant

  • Favorite Disney Character: Mike Wazowski from ‘Monsters Inc’.
  • Kirsten admires Mike’s growth, saying, “He starts as a hardworking, enthusiastic and ambitious monster, dreaming of becoming a top scarer like Sulley. However, as the story progresses, he realizes that his strength lies in his ability to inspire, encourage and support others, not in being a scarer. Mike learns to embrace his unique qualities and not define his worth solely by his scare abilities. For most people, the biggest challenge in life isn’t achieving their dreams, but learning to find joy and value in their lives when the expectations and dreams crumble. Who knew Mike would find more value and meaning in life than he would ever achieved had he not looked past his initial dream.”

Jim Clifford – CEO

  • Favorite Disney Character: Snow White
  • Jim reflects, “After a thoughtful discussion with my youngest, Molly, we settled on Snow White.    1) She has OCD – always cleaning, although that may just be a sense of self-preservation as the lone female in a House of Multiple Occupation – so deserves our support 2) She is a born carer, and puts everything on the line for the dwarves 3) She loves animals and they love her, so is ahead of her time in her environmental awareness 4) She overcomes personal adversity and the cruelty of others by being kind and determined, not getting cruel …so she’s an example to us all and much more than a Disney princess.”

Helen Webb – Executive Assistant

  • Favorite Disney Character: Beast from Beauty and the Beast
  • Helen recalls a personal story, “It was 1994 and my three year old niece had gone AWOL in a very crowded Bluewater [shopping centre]. My dad and I searched frantically – grabbing people and asking them if they’d seen a little girl in a ‘Beauty and the Beast’ princess dress. We finally found her in the Disney shop dancing the waltz from the film with a stuffed Beast – that was nearly the same size as her. My dad, of course, immediately spent a small fortune buying it for her. She still has it today.”

Chris Theobald – Director

  • Favorite Disney Character: Herbie
  • “I mean, it’s a VW bug that’s come to life, what’s not to like? Also, I love Herbie for the (implausibly) good quality racing around Monaco!” Chris’s hope is that if the future involves autonomous vehicles, they retain some sort of character, like Herbie.

It’s clear how deeply our values are mirrored in the diverse Disney characters our team cherishes (even if it means reading between the lines to find these, Chris). Each character, with their unique stories and traits, reflects the rich tapestry of qualities that we, as a team, embody. We believe that the varied insights and backgrounds of our team members are not just our strength but also a source of endless possibilities for our clients.

What’s your favourite Disney character and why? Share with us on your socials.

Join our celebration of creativity and imagination by sharing your beloved Disney character with us. Your stories and choices reflect the magic and diversity we cherish!


Kirsten Hopkins – Senior Consultant




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