Properly resourcing your plans and setting up the partnerships to make them happen are new areas to some, and areas needing specialist help for many.

Whether that be raising money to fund your work, developing and managing an innovation fund, purchasing assets to facilitate for growth or ensuring that any  merger, acquisition, joint ventures, wind-down or sale is done with positive impact at its core, we can be there to support you throughout the entire process.

We bring specialists in these areas who also have the experience to support you in using them to deliver and enhance your impact.

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TechNation – an impact-based transaction

The Challenge:

Formed in 2010 to spearhead a UK Government drive to develop digital capability in British Industry, Tech Nation had achieved much, substantially funded by Central Government.  Following the end of that grant support, it had a wealth of assets and know-how, other income streams, a clear social mission, and plans for the future.  A number of its Board had experienced such situations in the private sector, but with a public interest entity needing to optimise its socio-economic impact as well as financial and future, how could it achieve that balance…and at pace?

What we did:

The Sonnet team, already engaged to advise on Board duties, and the strategic and practical options, stepped in to guide the Board through the process of finding a great new home in a successor organisation, balancing financial, future, and social.

The outcome:

Tech Nation said that our pragmatic advice and creative problem solving was invaluable throughout the process. Although the situation was new to Tech Nation, they said that our confidence and experience helped Tech Nation to navigate a variety of complex issues with confidence including approvals from funders. Through our structured approach, we helped Tech Nation find an acquirer with the right balance of strategic alignment and capacity to take over Tech Nation’s brand and legacy.

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