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Choice Support – reframing strategy and delivery models for impact

The Challenge:

Choice Support is a National Charity supporting autistic people and people living with learning disabilities and mental health needs. In 2019 it merged with MCCH. Together they faced tightening funding and escalating needs of those they helped.
Choice Support asked Sonnet to help with a review of how best to maintain service delivery, impact and quality in times of reduced funding. The aim was to reframe their delivery models to enable both improved impact and better management of costs.

What we did:

Sonnet worked with them to develop an understanding of their current delivery model, the needs of those supported by them, the impact sought and how activities and resources were being used to address these. The work helped them rethink (i) their ambition and the framing of that in terms of resident need, and (ii) their model of delivery and (iii) identified possible solutions for prototyping and testing. Having determined together the changes that management wanted to make, Sonnet developed with them an outline structure and timeline for the change process, showing in which order the different changes could be tackled.

The outcome:

Choice Support went ahead to make the principle changes in overall strategic focus. Notably this delivered changes in how the organisation saw and worked with residents as members of communities of support, and how local and area staff teams were structured to help them.

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